Ice Beads- Lacing for Fine Motor

Have you ever seen one of these? Its a mold for making Ice Shot Glasses I bought mine at JoAnn Fabrics but I now can only find them at Walmart.
I filled the mold most of the way making sure I did not fill it completely. I wanted to leave the bottom open so that we could easily pass things through. It worked! Voila, Ice Beads!!!
I handed the kids pipe cleaners and let them get to it. They immediately started stringing the ice beads on the hanging planter rack I have above the water table.
Working the fine motor twisting and maneuvering.
Then they started to make ice bead chains.
Working hard.
I started asking them what they thought would happen when the ice started to melt.
It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining bright. The ice started melting very quickly.
They looked amazing hanging there.
I also froze some popsicle molds without putting the sticks in them. Kaia tied one to the bottom of her ice beads chain.
Watching the ice melt.

And the ice could not hold out against the sun. The first link melted.

I am going to make some Ice cups for another project. Stay tuned for that later…

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