Ice Cups and Water Bead- Fine Motor Exploration and Discovery

We have a mold for making ice shot glasses. I knew it would be perfect for water play in the summer. And I was right. So here is our fun water beads and ice shot fine motor tray. Liam played with this for over 20 minutes.

He worked hard at using the tongs to pinch and pick up the waterbeads and then place them into the colored ice cups.

I used what I had on hand and that was black water beads. When we do this again I think I will use a multi color pack and try and have the kids match the waterbead color to the ice glass color.
The older boys got a set as well to play with in the water table.

And eventually the ice shot glasses turned into ice beads. These are just awesome!


  1. This blog is absolutly brilliant. Im a nursery nurse from the UK and i love getting ideas from here! Its helped me alot in gaining more ideas to put into practice and the children love all the new activities!
    Love it!!! Well done!


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