Imaginary Play: Flower Shop

Welcome to our Flower Shop! The kids named the shop and made the sign.
Picture 330
We have a display of lovely 99cent store flowers. Plus Kaia pointed out we pick up our organic fruit from the flower shop by us. So we have some fruit there as well.
Picture 285
If you want to make some cute flower balls. Its super easy just pick up some of those plastic balls with the holes in them from the 99 cent store and hot glue flowers in each hole. If you want to get fancy you can spray paint the ball first but I didnt and I dont think you can tell.
Picture 289
You can see the red one I made in the picture above and the yellow one in the picture below
Picture 290
More Flowers and our butterfly/ caterpillar den behind
Picture 291
Watering cans in the sink and Birds and bloom magazines behind
Picture 292
More flowers and baskets
Picture 293
The buying station. There was a calculator and a pad and paper for receipts. But I didnt get any pictures of it. Here is Kaia wrapping cellophane around the flowers (the cellophane was precut) and pieces of ribbon

Picture 297
Selling flowers tying ribbon (hooray for fine motor)
Picture 302
And bags are essential
Picture 307
Cards to personalize the flower shop gift
Picture 311
selling station

Picture 314
I used cutup pool noodles to hold the flowers up
Picture 318
super fancy
Picture 320
Mikey was super into this. Flowers are not just for girls!
Picture 323
This Imaginary Play kept them busy for a long time!
Picture 326
Looking through a flower magazine for shopping choices
Picture 339
This was such a fun set up pretty much everything came from the 99 cent store so it was pretty inexpensive!
Picture 337
Our Flower Stand Go Here for step by step instructions on how to make one.

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