Inglesina Zuma High Chair Review and Giveaway

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There are several baby items that are essential. A good high chair is one of them. Inglesina’s Zuma High chair is a gorgeous high chair. I love the contemporary look of it and it has some excellent features.

The Zuma comes with a five point harness totally necessary if you have a monkey in training like my little one. He is a wriggly climber that seems to be able to defy the most secure of harnesses, the Zuma keeps him nice and secure though.

The Zuma also has an adjustable height feature and adjustable foot rest. Kaia actually loves this I can adjust it down to the floor where the high chair is actually the height of cute kiddie chairs you see in preschools you can also adjust it to the height of any table so that you can push the high chair right up to your dining room table.

There are two different cushion options one with full padding which is good for small babies for Mikey I have taken that option off and have just the basic padding. It is easier for me to clean and provides plenty of cushioning for his little baby body. The whole high chair is a smooth plastic with a gorgeous look that is easy to clean.

There is also a High attached T-bar which I love. When I take they tray off Mikey generally leans forward the high t-bar keeps him secure and sitting. One of my favorite features is the adjustable recline it makes giving Mikey a bottle super easy. Plus half the time as we are eating lunch Mikey falls asleep I can recline the high chair and let Mikey sleep until Kaia finishes her lunch and then lay him down.

The Zuma comes with two additional top trays that fit perfectly in the dishwasher for easy clean up. The only quirks I have with the high chair are that the tray cannot be pulled completely against your little one which means a lot of the food falls in between your little one and the tray. The two additional top trays gently rest on the base tray and do not snap in which means they are easily tossed. I do not use them and its fine the base tray is very easily cleaned so its not a big deal. Both quirks are not an issue with Kaia as she knows to pull herself forward and she knows to not throw the top trays. Mikey however will throw the trays if infront of him and a lot of food does fall between him and the tray.

The Zuma also has wheels so it is easy to move it from room to room. That’s perfect for us since we usually eat breakfast in the kitchen and lunch and dinner at the dining room table. So moving the chair from room to room is super simple. Folding the chair is really easy and it is super compact you can easily and discreetly put it away until you need to use it.

Inglesina is all about convenience the Zuma comes fully assembled so no struggling with screws, bolts or tricky parts. The highchair is ready to be used right out of the box. The Zuma high chairs contemporary style and gorgeous color options make it a perfect fit for any home.

Buy It: You can find places to purchase Inglesina products on the Inglesina site.

Win It: One extremely lucky reader will win a Inglesina ZUMA High Chair a $250 Value! To enter FIRST YOU MUST BE A FOLLOWER OF MY BLOG. Next visit the Inglesina site and tell me which color Zuma you like best.

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Good Luck!


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