Interrupting Chicken Book Review

Interrupting Chicken by By David Ezra Stein is a book I think every parent can relate to at one time or another. Interrupting Chicken is all about a tired parent trying to read a bedtime story to his little chicken ( I have two). Anyway chicken interrupts all the stories her tired Daddy tells her. Kaia LOVED this book because Chicken interrupted at all the right points in every story just the way Kaia does. She told Hansel and Gretel to beware of the Witch, She told Little Red Riding Hood not to talk to strangers, she even told Chicken Little to calm down that everything was okay. In the end Chicken makes up her own story for now exhausted Daddy. I think you can guess the ending through all the story telling her Daddy falls asleep and so does Chicken. Interrupting Chicken is so well told it is a fun story that I love as much as Kaia. I love how the story incorporates well known tales that have a little twist in the end.

Interrupting Chicken
By David Ezra Stein

A favorite joke inspired this charming tale, in which a little chicken’s habit of interrupting bedtime stories is gleefully turned on its head.

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