Kaia’s 5th Birthday

Kaia had her party at Zoomars since she wanted a Horsey party we figured it was the best place to go. And it was they made everything so easy it was fantastic!
I made Kaia a giant cupcake but she only wanted to eat the chocolate shell. It was very easy to make  I just baked the top half of the cupcake per usual.  I then froze the cupcake pan and (it was the Wilton Giant Cupcake pan)  I then decided to make it polka dot printed. So I used a squeeze bottle to squeeze my melted Wilton Chocolate Candy discs into circle forms on the the frozen cupcake pan. I stuck it back in the Freezer between colors. Once the circles were frozen on the pan I used a spatula to spread the melted white chocolate on the pan. I froze it twice between spreading the chocolate doing three coatings.
Kaia also wanted hearts all over so I just used the squeeze bottle to make heart shapes with the chocolate on wax paper and refrigerated them to help them cool.
Her loot from the pinata
I made vanilla bean cupcakes with raspberry frosting and a lemon raspberry cream filling. they were amazing!

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