Mothers Day Gift Guide: Kelly Moore Bags

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Like many woman I absolutely love handbags. I am kind of picky though. While yes I want my handbags to be pretty on the outside it is also what is one th inside that counts. Meaning I need there to be room to store everything I need to take with me and I need it to be functionally accessible and organized. I am still in the diaper bag stage of life but I am not really into the huge diaper bag size if I can help it. That is why I absolutely LOVE the Ruston bag by Kelly Moore. It is not only exceptionally gorgeous it is also so functional. It is not a huge bag but they way it is set up the organization is amazing. Everything is at your finger tips easy to find and accessible. If you are dropping off for daycare or even dropping off at a friends house you can simply lift our the basket area and all your child’s necessities are right there easy to find and you don’t have to dig around your bag for them or place them in a pile some where everything is neatly together and organized.
As your kids grow and you no longer need the diaper bag aspect of this purse you can obviously change how you pack and keep the organization or simply remove it and use the bag without it. Either way you have a gorgeous bag that is so classically fashionable and versatile. I cannot say enough good thing about this bag.

Removable Padded Basket

Which includes:

3 – padded, removable, adjustable dividers
2 – smaller, padded, removable, adjustable dividers
2 – spaces on either side of the basket to store i-pad, notebooks, magazines, etc.
1 – inside zipper pocket
2 – clear envelope pockets
1 – envelope pocket


1 – removable long messenger strap ( up to 45″)
2 – drop straps (6″)
Crafted with our CAMBRIO material. Exclusive to Kelly Moore Bag, this vegan friendly material is also abrasion & water resistant
Bone/Shadow – Silver Hardware, Red – Gold Hardware
Weight: 3.6 lbs
Will hold up to a 9″ lens
Will hold a camera body with lens attached
Will hold a pro camera body or standard body + grip

A British study famously found that women get more pleasure from buying a handbag than any other item. Kelly Moore, creator of a line of well-designed bags for moms, women photographers, travelers and students, today releases a new collection of classically styled bags to tap into that joy.

Kelly Moore Bags’ Classic Collection features eight styles hewn from Cambrio, a new material produced exclusively for the company, that is water resistant, abrasion resistant and vegan friendly.

“Luxe and beautiful,” touts company founder and designer, Kelly Moore, “While still strong and functional, these bags offer the best of both worlds.
model_9d8545a7-0edc-4e74-a640-258c31b82948_grandeThese first-ever, luxurious yet affordable bags range from $139 – $249. All styles include the signature removable basket and ample camera body and lens capacity, adjustable dividers, and plenty of pockets, features guaranteed to fit an active lifestyle.

Buy It: You can purchase the gorgeous Ruston Bag or any of the other beautiful Kelly Moore Bags from the Kelly Moore site.

Disclaimer: I received a Ruston Bag from Kelly Moore all opinions are my own.

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