We made a Kid Wash for the kids to enjoy all summer long. We also thought it would be perfect for Mikey’s Super MESSY Birthday party. We need a way for the kids to get clean after going down the Shaving cream slide and across the shaving cream tarp, right?!! Well here it is a Kid Wash.

It turned out even better than I thought it would. We used the Instructions from here with a few changes being made after trial and error. In the instructions it calls for a “Gate” to be made at the front. We originally made this but it got in the way and was not well supported by the connector advised so it was causing the front end to tip a bit. The instructions called for ‘lawn chair webbing” which was impossible to find I went everywhere and called everywhere trying to find it to no avail so I used pool noodles from the 99 Cent store instead. Also the instructions called for more drilling then we did. Or we did the amount they asked for and our water pressure dropped to low so we duct taped over some of the holes to create the right amount of pressure so both sides of the Kid Wash work.

We added a slip n slide underneath which I highly recommend doing or at the very least a tarp unless you have fake grass. Otherwise it becomes a mud pit which is fun in its own right. But our grass was already completely torn up from last time so we decided to put down the slip n slide