Kids Table Redo

We have a kids table that a friend of mine gave me years ago because it is faded and stained. I found a post on Pinterest on how to redo tables like ours and I thought it couldn’t hurt to try after all our table is pretty horrid it couldn’t hurt. I absolutely love how it turned out. This little table that was never getting used sitting in the corner of our backyard, is now in the house and is the kids new favorite table! Best yet I used old fabric and some vinyl remnants I had bought at Walrmart for $0.83 a long time ago just knowing I would use them someday. So this project was super fast, easy, and basically free! I already had everything I needed.

What you need:
Fabric (enough to cover your table and your benches)
*I used two different kinds because I didn’t have enough of wither to cover both.
Vinyl (enough to cover your table and your benches)
Staple Gun and Staples
Fabric Scissors

Follow directions Here

I had some of the ship fabric left over so I cut out some of the boats and shapes and turned it into a game for the kids to find the object and match it up.


  1. It did turn out really nice!

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