Kidtoons: December Olivia Wintertime Cheer Prize Pack Giveaway

Kidtoons is dedicated to helping parents connect with their kids by bringing family friendly animated movies to the big screen every weekend at participating theatres across the country.

Participating Kidtoons theatres showcase a fun, affordable family friendly matinee movie and provide a family experience filled with entertaining, kid-friendly characters, as well as cartoon shorts, music videos and sing-alongs before each movie. Kidtoons even has fun giveaways for the kids, such as stickers, temporary tattoos, activity books or toys after every film.

As parents, and as producers of kids’ entertainment, we launched the Kidtoons program to enable families to enjoy movies on the big screen on a regular basis. Kidtoons knows that parents are looking for opportunities to connect with their children, and enjoying the movie-going experience as a family provides easy and fun opportunities for togetherness.

As part of making sure that the content is age appropriate, Kidtoons asked an expert, Dr. Donna Mitroff, to talk with you about Kidtoons movies each month. Check out Dr. Donna’s reviews for additional information about the plot, the level of action and the types of humor in the movie, as well as some thought-provoking discussion points for the whole family.

This month Kidtoons is proud to present some of our favorite Olivia movies:

OLIVIA Talks Turkey
Olivia takes up turkey calling, and before long, she’s attracted a turkey who refuses to leave her side!

OLIVIA’s Snow Day
On a snow day, Olivia and her friend Julian form a news crew and track down the real story behind an alleged sighting of the legendary abominable snowman.

OLIVIA builds a Snow Lady
Olivia is thrilled when she’s chosen to build the mascot snowman -or in her case, snowlady – for the annualMaywood winter festival. She’s determined to build the biggest snowman anybody’s ever seen! But when all the snow melts away, Olivia has to build her snowlady out of something else: cotton candy!

Princess for a Day
When a real live Princess comes to town, Olivia can’t wait to meet her. But Olivia gets to do more than just meet her – when Olivia and the Princess realize that they look almost exactly alike, they make a plan to trade places! Olivia initially takes to life in the castle, but she soon misses her family, and realizes that being a Princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. When the royal family cuts their visit short, and decide to head home, can Olivia and the Princess swap back before it’s too late?

Above is the Fantastic Prize Pack the Winner will receive!

Buy It: You can learn more about Kidtoons on the Kidtoons site.

Win It:One lucky reader will win an Olivia Wintertime Cheer Prize Pack which includes:
* One Olivia: Princess for a Day DVD
* One Big – Olivia Plush
* One Mini – Olivia Plush
* One Olivia Kaladeiscope
* One Olivia Builds a Snowlady Book
* One Olivia Princess for a Day Book
* One Olivia Puzzle
* One Olivia theatrical poster

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