Laser Pegs World of Bugs Kit- Review

The Laser Pegs World of Bugs Kit is a win all over with m y kids. It has everything they love, bugs, building, and lights. Kaia worked hard constructing a bug that she felt was the best bug ever with her Father. She then had an unveiling to show us “Waterfall” her bug. Mikey was very impressed as was I. She loves her creation but has had fun since then creating new bugs. This has been great fun, this kit is so open-ended you use the shapes to create a bug that looks however you want. The Laser Pegs World of Bugs Kit is awesome we have been enjoying all the creations our kiddo has come up! This kit would be a great gift for a child who loves bugs, loves to construct and build or loves both.

The World Of Bugs kit is one of a kind allowing the end user to learn not only about the models they create using our “factoids” in the owner’s manual however also the ability to create one of a kind Laser Peg models with four new exciting shapes!
The World of Bugs Laser Pegs kit comes with 84 Laser Pegs including four new Laser Peg shapes. You can build 18 models all around the BUG theme. The kit has an extremely innovative manual giving kids, adults or grandparents factoids with each model they create. You can learn the why’s, how’s and what’s about each unique model constructed with the Laser Pegs.

This kit comes with newly released shapes that allow you to really get your creative side flowing. We strive to release great products that bring the entire family and friends together! As you indulge yourself into the creativeness of the kit you will find there is nothing better than an Abstract modeling kit that lights up one peg at a time!

Fun fun fun for all ages! The kit is for ages 7+ however rules are sometimes meant to be broken! If you have a talented 5 year old I am sure he can enjoy the kit as well! Girls or Boys it doesn’t matter with this kit!!! Everyone at some point loves BUGS!

Buy It: You can purchase Laser Pegs World of Bugs Kit on the Laser Pegs site.

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