Lassig Car Backseat Organizer Review

Its Summer time and we are going on several road trips even on the five minute rides to the grocery store my kids can be a bit unbearable so we have decided to get organized. Instead of hearing my kids complain about how they are thirsty or need a snack, a toy, tissues, or any of the various immediate necessaries they declare that are unavailable at the moment, where I must go searching on a hunt for said item. We will have it all available within reach we organized for them to have as needed. Instead of hearing screaming that they need their favorite book “Where is it?” I can say look in your organizer. I had the kids pack their own organizers so that they had the items they wanted. I of course checked and made sure all the necessities were there. These organizers really are life savers for long road trips and even short ones too.
The Car Wrap-to-Go organizers are available in various styles that are attractive to boys and girls equally they offer pure traveling comfort. These useful ‘tour escorts’ will be attached to the backside of a car seat so that children have everything within reach. Whether toys, cuddly toy, crackers or beverages, everything will fit in one of the several compartments that are equipped with zipper or hook and loop fastener. Thereby the stylish accessory caters perfectly for the needs of children and assures a smooth and quiet trip for parents at the same time.
The Lassig GmbH is a family business that is characterized by social commitment and ecological awareness as well as by a fair cooperation with employees, customers, suppliers and consumers. Sustainable production with economic, ecological and social responsibility is a special matter of concern. Thus, the subject of sustainability is an inherent part of our company’s philosophy.

Products by Lassig are pollution-free. Regular quality assessments guarantee sustainable production. In this context, all manufacturing sites commissioned by Lassig are obliged to adhere to the respective environmental standards, to continually work to reduce environmental pollution and to use natural resources with great care.
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Disclaimer: I received the Lassig Car Backseat Organizer for review purposes. All my opinions are my own.

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