Lazoo Clothing and Book- Review

My kids have a new favorite clothing brand and its Lazoo ! Lazoo has some of the most entertaining shirts my kids have had the joy of wearing. How can a shirt be entertaining? Well Lazoo shirts have fun patches that you can lift to reveal a hidden picture and on the back of each shirt is a game! Yes these shirts are awesome plus they have a cute design to start with Mermaids and Monkeys, Lollipops and Lions and more. Lazoo has awesome colorful shirts. Not to mention their fantastic coloring books. Kaia adores the Lazoo Squiggles and Holes books. I definitely recommend these books to anyone with a preschooler and I think even older children will enjoy these open ended books. You can create and design your own pictures using the simple designs provided. These books really are great for all the time but I think they would be especially helpful on any long car rides or on a plane. They definitely keep your child’s attention and creativity going.
For readers old enough to hold a pencil or crayon, Squiggles! shows how drawing a simple spiral lets you make a lion’s mane, a beautiful flower, cotton candy, and much, much more! Coloring and drawing have never been this fun!

You’ve never seen a coloring book like this! Instead of coloring in the lines, you color inside the holes. Turn the page and like magic, flowers become butterflies, hats become cars, trees become tents, helicopters become balloons, and more!

I love the Lazoo shirts and so do the kids these fun shirts have hide and seek patches and games on the back!
When you lift the sea shell it reveals a lovely pearl underneath.
the game on the back is fun. Kaia was so excited to wear this shirt to school and show her friends so they could play the game.
Mikey’s shirt has an adorable little monkey in a car
open the car door to find the Monkey driving! Mikey loves this shirt and wears it all the time!

There is a monkey game on the back of this shirt too! Can you find the peeled banana?

Buy It: You can purchase Lazoo books and clothing exclusively at Babies R us for a location that carriers Lazoo products check on the Lazoo site.

This was not a paid post my honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to The Hosting Company who supplied the products for the review

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