Learning Resources Tumble Trax Magnetic Marble Run Review


DSC_0139We adore marble runs. Its true. Some families have game night ( we have that too) but we also have Marble Run Night. There is just something so exciting about creating a run and having your marble roll through all the tracks to finally get to the base place right where you wanted it to get to. Tumble Trax magnetic Marble Run makes our fridge a marble run too. I really like the pieces that you attach to the fridge to create the run.  They are foamy block type pieces with magnets on the back and a clear plastic piece to keep your marble on track..the marble track that is.  I crack myself up. Anyway all three of my kids spent over an hour playing with this creating new and inventive tracks as well as trying to recreate the card track ideas. The marble track pieces are very easy for my kids to move around adjust and place in just  the right place to creat the perfect flow for their marble. This is by far one of the best toys we have had in a long time. I may be a bit biased though since like I said before we love marble runs!

Get critical thinking skills rolling! Create your own unique marble run with long, short, and curved magnetic pieces—then, drop the marble from the highest point to see your design come to life! Take the challenge to the next level by building the designs pictured on the Activity Cards.
Can you make the marbles speed up, slow down, stop, or change direction by rearranging the pieces? Engineering and problem solving have never been this fun! Endless combinations of designs provide multiple levels of learning. Includes 14 magnetic foam pieces, 4 marbles, and 10 Activity Cards. Longest pieces measure 10”L x 2”H. –

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Disclaimer: I received this game at no cost in exchange for a honest review.

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