Lets Make it Rain- Colored Rain!!!

We decided to make a jar that let the kids understand and see the process with which rain is created. We used boiling water in the jar. And a bowl of ice on top. Super easy.

Clouds are formed when water vapor in the air is cooled and condenses as part of the water cycle. Clouds consist of billions of tiny water droplets (and even ice crystals) floating in the sky.The rain is then formed when the water droplets are too heavy to be suspended in the air.

The ice at the top represented our Cloud.

Our rain droplets are forming and dropping

Mikey was upset because he wanted to see the droplets falling. It was a little hard to see when each droplet fell.

So I tried coating the bottom of the bowl with powdered tempera paint (Kool-Aid would have worked too).

This did make it easier to see the raindrops falling but the water also got cloudy and I didn’t really like it so. We tried again.

First with washable markers. Just coloring the bottom of the bowl

We also tried watercolors

They were to light so I went over them with food coloring

We ended up making a rainbow with the markers

We left each bowl out in the sun to completely dry before trying our rain experiment again.

The food coloring one worked great. It immediately started raining. First from the center.

And then from the sides

It was fantastic! Definitely the winner as far as showing how the rain falls

The markers were just to light and barely showed up. They were still fun though! To see some of our other experiments with rain and clouds check out this post!

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