Lights, Crystal, Beads, Action…

We decided to do some crystal and light exploration today. I set out the Crystal  towers with some bowls, a table mirror, flashlights and glass beads

Mikey absolutely loved this he loved the clinking sound as the beads fell into the towers, the way the light shown on them and the reflection in and out of the mirror with the light, beads, and bowls

They were able to use the flashlights to shine through the beads and crystals to see how the light traveled

The beads were nice and smooth and they also loved just listening to the clink as they were gently dropped into the crystal towers

Lights, bowls and a mirror, they loved shining the lights through the bowls to see what would happen and how the light reflected and dispersed

Our towers now filled to the top with different color and shape glass beads and pieces

They brought new materials in Kaia brought one of her necklaces and loved moving it around on the mirror to see its reflection and the fluid way it moved

Beads and the necklace together

We also used color paddles the kiddos enjoyed shining the light through the color paddles

We have a kaleidoscope and magnifying glasses over here to to help explore even more

We have small little lights the kids can drop into the towers like the one above in addition to the flashlights
Exploring how light travels

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