Little Kids Toobers and Zots Review

Toobers and Zots are so much fun! Think of pipe cleaners but bigger better and made of foam. We had so much fun creating with our Toobers and Zots one of my favorite things about them is how open ended they are. You literally can create just about anything you just need to use your imagination. Kaia and Mikey made dozens of creations. To be fair yes, I did help with the puppy but there were so many other creations that were just so much fun. There are lots of different pieces not all of them are bendable some are just different shape pieces of foam. Each piece is fun and you can create something different and unique. This is a great toy to help support a young builder, sculptor, or artists artistic ventures.

Toobers & Zots is the flexible, bendable, holdable, moldable soft foam toy that allows kids to create an infinite number of 3-D creations! Bend the long Toobers into any shape and decorate with zany Zots, colorful Skinnies and Dots. Great for one or multiple kids to engage in open-ended, creative play. With 345+ pieces, the possibilities are limitless! Each colorful piece is made of foam – soft and safe for kids 3 & up.

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