Little Looster Review and Giveaway

And the Winner Is: susan

If you are looking for an essential Potty Training Tool then look no further than the Little Looster . Honestly I am so glad we have a Little Looster it has made potty time so much easier. You don’t have to worry about moving a stool back and forth; it is the perfect height easy to clean and just plain awesome. Kaia loves it she is able to go potty without any assistance. What I like most about the Little Looster is that there is no need to move it around the bathroom it stays put and so you don’t have to spend those extra few moments positioning or finding the stool. If you have a kiddo new to potty training you know how crucial every moment is to getting them on the potty. Kaia had quite a few accidents simply because she was not able to get on to the potty in time. Now it is less of an issue since everything is in place for her to walk into the bathroom and use the potty immediately. We are definitely big fans and I declare the Little Looster to be a Potty Training Must Have!

Provides total comfort & leg support for years of use.

No more painful pins-n-needles feeling when little legs are not supported.

Promotes complete certainty.

No scary feeling of “falling in.” Kids legs do all the work.

Allows children to have their hands free at all times.

No need to grip the back of the toilet seat or the inner, germ covered rim.

Buy It: You can purchase Little Looster’s on the Little Looster site.

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  21. i follow your blog! i don’t have any good potty training stories. my biggest tip is to let the child potty train when they are ready..not you. They will learn eventually, and i’ve heard stories of the negative effects from folks forcing kids to potty train to early. No need to rush it, it will happen eventually.


  22. Christina says:

    I was lucky that my daughter potty trained at 14 months…however we were so used to her going bare butt around the house that sometime around 2 we were at Home Depot and my husband lited her out of the cart and oops…we forgot undies under her dress…try getting a 2 tear old to sit lady like.

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  25. I follow (mail4rosey) and one tip I have is to take your time in the bathroom. We take a book in, and I sit and read to our little one while he sits on the potty. That way he’s not in a huge hurry to leave. If he sits a little bit, he usually goes.

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  28. My son would say he had to go potty and go stand in front of the washer every time and wet himself. I guess he some what knew thats where we did the laundry.

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  32. My son potty trained in 2 days with offerings of cupcakes LOL.

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  34. I’ve tried to potty train my son but he wont go, maybe he’s too young. He’d rather sit on it and watch TV…he uses it as a chair.

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