LullaPets 12 Inch Plush with MP3 Player for Kids- Review and Giveaway

Ever since I was a Preschool Teacher I have used music to help soothe kiddos to sleep. Be it for my class or my own kiddos. For my children we use music to help them wind down and relax. Kaia and Mikey love cuddly plush animals so to have one that also brings them comforting music is just a bonus. To be able to customize that music to your child’s preferences and be able to control it with a remote control is a super duper awesome added bonus. Well that is what LullaPets are all about a super cuddly plush animal with a customizable MP3 player that you can control with a remote control. Even better yet you can even record your voice on the recorder! I plan on sending our recorder to my Parents for them to read a story to the kids so Kaia and Mikey can play it over and over again so they can hear my Parents voices. We live so far away it is nice to have little things like this to bring us closer together. LullaPets would make an amazing Holiday, Birthday or anytime Gift!

LullaPets 12 Inch Plush and a sleak MP3 player with remote. The MP3 player for kids has a high quality speaker and slips right into the animal so your child can enjoy listening to music while cuddling the LullaPets 12 Inch Plush. Whether you strap it to a crib, car headrest or stroller (strap sold seperately) you can easily shuffle through music or adjust the volume wirelessly with the included remote control. You can even record your voice with the built-in voice record feature!

The LullaPets MP3 player for kids features a wireless remote with 5 playlists to help organize your child’s music and audio books. The wireless remote signal works right through the soft fabric of the LullaPets plush companion. The built in premium speakers allow for optimum playback while inside the pocket of the LullaPets plush companion, with its light weight design its hard to tell its even there.

With the 5 playlists its easy to organize your child’s content into different categories. By simply pressing the desired playlist button and pushing “play” you will only hear the content in that playlist. When its bedtime, it’s time for soft llullabies or a custom message you have recorded to tuck your child into bed. If it’s playtime, then press the “Fun Music” button and your child’s collection of fun music will keep them entertained and with the replay button they can listen to the same song over and over, as most children like to do!

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  1. Laura Miller says:

    Love Diva the Dog!

  2. Trasina McGahey says:

    Diva the Dog looks soooooo cute!

  3. Kelly Hutchinson says:

    Bina the Bunny is adorable

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