Magnet Hunt in the Sand Table

We went on a magnet hunt in the sand table. Searching for hidden magnetic material

After seeing how into the Digging for Pirate Treasure Kaia got. I knew I had to come up with another fun searching activity if I wanted Kaia to become really involved.

It worked she loved this activity, even more than Mikey. I think she likes the challenge and the feeling of accomplishment when she has obtained what she is looking for. While Mikey likes this too, he is more into the imaginary play and actual digging aspect.

They did find every hidden metal object, magnetic piece, and even non-magentic material ( I threw a few in just to catch them off guard)

They were at this table for well over an hour combing through it to make sure that they had found everything they could

This was definitely a favorite table for Kaia she asked me to set it up for her again once she was sure she had found everything I had hidden in the table

This was an awesome activity. It would be fun with magnetic letters too. I didn’t take ours out we mostly focused on colors and shapes for Mikey.

This could be easily replicated using just screws, bolts, and washers with just a single magnet per child for finding the objects hidden to cut back on costs. I luckily had all these magnets leftover from my teaching days.


  1. Your backyard looks like so much fun! I want to send my kids over to play!

  2. Jacquelyn says:

    Where did you get your sensory table? Very cool!

  3. What a creative idea for using magnets!! I am totally going to do this. Thanks for linking up to TGIF,
    Beth =-)

  4. Oh, my son loves playing in sand! This would be a great new activity for him to try! 🙂

  5. What a fun hunt! I’m sure they loved this.

  6. What a fun idea! What a great way to explore magnets!


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