Magnetic Sensory Bag

Picture 330

Picture 329
Materials Needed:
resealable baggies
clear packing tape or duct tape
Rice, beans, or I glitter. I used that fluffy white glitter you buy in a big pack.
paper clips and/or other metal pieces

1. Add rice/ glitter etc to the baggie just a few tablespoons you don’t want the baggie too full. I usually fill the baggie about 1/3 full
2. Add paper clips, little pieces of metal etc.
3. Fold the baggies over and push out all the air before you seal it.
4. Seal baggie with tape on the top. I like to fold over the ziploc seal part and tape that down.
5. Place the now taped and sealed baggie upside down inside another baggie.
6. Seal this baggie on all edges with clear packing tape. Trim the edges when you are done to remove excess tape.
7. Use a magnet to find the paperclips

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