Magnetic Slime

Materials Needed:
1 bottle of school glue
3 tbsp of magnetic powder
Up to 4 oz of liquid starch
Neodymium magnets

The magnetic powder is not safe to inhale or ingest. Be sure to wash kids hands once play time is over. Neodymium magnets are extremely strong. Please watch children closely. I recommend leaving the magnets attached to each other to avoid tiny fingers from getting pinched. It is also a good idea to keep the magnets away from electronics.

1. Combine the glue and the magnetic powder in a bowl, and stir until well mixed (use a craft stick)
2. Once combined slowly add small amounts of liquid starch to the bowl and mix well. Continue to slowly add the starch & mix until the desired consistency is reached.
3. For most slime recipes we use equal parts of glue and starch, but for this particular recipe we needed more glue than starch, so I definitely recommend adding the starch SLOWLY. We used roughly 2 ounces of starch in total, and that gave us the perfect consistency
Once you have the consistency down remove the slime from the bowl and knead it with your hands. After a bit of kneading the slime will be ready for play.
This slime is super fun & acts just like any other slime until you add the magnets
Note: You need neodymium magnets for the slime to react, because traditional magnets aren’t strong enough on their own

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