Making Candles

Its still raining so we made candles

Breaking up a big block of wax

The kids decided what colors and smells they wanted for the candles

Ready to melt the wax

This is where I took over melting the wax in a pot with boiling water

Putting wicks in the glasses for the candles

Waiting for the candles to cool

All done our beautiful candles and my beautiful Kaia.

Materials Needed:
Candle wax
containers to put your candles in this can be anything from glass containers to empty frozen juice concentrate containers (you just peel away when done…makes a pillar candle!)
metal cans for melting wax
candle scents/ colors
a Pot with hot water to melt the wax

1. Get your water boiling
2. Break up wax, color, scents to fit in the cans for melting
3. Place cans in water adjust heat so that cans stay upright
4. get your containers ready for the candles i.e. place wicks inside
5. Carefully pour wax into candle container (ADULT SHOULD DO THIS)
6. wait for the candles to cool and enjoy!

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