Making Texture Cards

My friend Janelle and I got together and made these sensory cards for Mikey’s Preschool class. The cards are made from card board boxes that were cut up with a box cutter. Everything on the cards was attached with hot glue.
Here there is braided pipe cleaners, a waxy very real feeling fake flower, a microfiber sponge, fabric, and zip ties

bark and leaves, green sponge, blue sponge (they have different textures, kids dental floss, and nuts, washers, and bolts

velvet with velcro, dominoes, ribbon tied into bows, mirror paper, an umbrella made of fabric, mirror paper and a pipe cleaner

Packing peanuts, q tips, cotton balls, feathers, and foam pieces

Buttons, glorious buttons. Each card has a certain color range

More beautiful buttons

Different types of sponges

Tulle and gems

fake gold coins, lollipop sticks, a rice paddle

a blue doile, lollipop sticks and a rice paddle

legos, bandages, bubble wrap, and a rubber material (it was the grip on a flash light)

Puzzle pieces and pipe cleaners

cork, felt, and velcro

the velcro one is interactive

Ribbon on the top two, a sponge, and different types of elastic. The kids and pull and stretch the elastic one

Kaia’s favorites she wanted these ones to keep forever! Looks like I need to make some more!
Have you ever made sensory cards? Any ideas on other objects to attach to them? I would love to add to our collection. Let me know what else would you attach to sensory cards?
To learn how to make the Sensory Gloves, Rainbow stew bags, or Sensory Bags click on the links.


  1. How did you make these? It looks like cardboard cards? Did you use a hot glue gun?

  2. Chrystal says:

    You could also use the textures to make shapes and letters so when the kiddos are feeling/tracing the texture they are also getting the muscle memory of what they are feeling/tracing.

  3. Very neat and good collection of cards.

  4. Michelle says:

    Thanks! What a great idea. You can add moss and sea shells. Can’t wait to try them.

  5. What else is in that sensory area?

  6. OMG!!! this is an amazing idea!!!! I have a home daycare and I will definitely be doing this!!

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