Meal Planner

i had a large bulletin board in my kitchen that was just an accumulator of  various paper clipping, business cards that were out of business and other various things. It really was not doing anyone any good and was more of an eye soar than anything else. So I decided to do something about it! Believe it or not I already had everything  I needed. It was all around my house leftover from other projects. The fabric was leftover from a dress I made Kaia when she was One! I knew it would come in handy some day.

These letters were bought at Discount School Supply they are the Large Wooden Letters

I had an idea for my old pushpins to maker them cute again without buying new ones. I hot glued some rhinestones and gems on them.

Here they are all cute and snazzy.

I also wanted to make pockets for my menu cards

I hot glued fabric on them and used felt letters (I got these at Michael’s a few years ago)

Once that was done I stapled them to the board

I made cute clothespins too! So simple I just cut some ribbon to size and hot glued it to the clothespin with a gem

And then I hot glued the clothespins to the board

I made recipe cards by making a list with my husband of our favorite meals.  I then added more by going through our cookbooks and finding recipes I knew we had liked in the past or ones I wanted to try.

On the back of each card is the title of the cookbook and the page plus basic ingredients needed.

The clipboards are the kids chore charts. I covered them in the fabric as well. I have around 60 recipe cards, Once used for the week it goes into the “old” card holder. when most of the cards are used up those cards go back into rotation. This ensures that we are not eating the same thing every night.

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