MommyParties sponsored by Medela

I had a fantastic party for my pregnant and nursing friends. I got to invite 10 friends over that were either pregnant or nursing (some were both). We had a yummy lunch and I got to give out some fantastic prizes from one of my favorite companies Medela. I am a huge breast feeding advocate Medela is by far my Breast pump of choice. They have some other fantastic products like the Micro Steam Clean bags which are great whether you are breast feeding or not. They are great for sanitizing your breast pump gear but are also great for sanitizing small objects like pacifiers and teethers. Medela lanolin is a life saver for when you first start breastfeeding I actually ALWAYS give it as a gift at baby showers when I know the Mom will be breastfeeding. The breast milk bags are great I have never had a leakage issue they are easy to write on and freeze great. The Breast Pads are fantastic and will definitely keep you dry. The wipes are great for sanitizing your breast pump after use. Make sure you let the breast pump air dry after using the wipes. I really do recommend all of these products they are absolutely wonderful and are must haves for breast feeding moms who pump.

When everyone came in they were instructed to choose a bag first before doing anything else.

What was inside each Goodie Bag!
Here is why they chose a bag first after everyone had arrived I took out the prizes. If they had the corresponding bow on their bag they won that prize!
Including the amazing Medela pump!

We all had a lot of fun and were a little goofey like my friend JoAnn.

I took out my pump so everyone could see the mechanics of the medela pumps they are all relatively similar as fas as the bottle base and tubing.
Best of all I got to hang out with my friends have a fun party and give away some fantastic prizes!

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