Mrs Smiths Diaper Bag Review and Giveaway

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I love my new diaper bag. I admit I am an over packer. But in my defense when you have kids you never know when that certain something may come in handy. Plus as a cloth diapering Mama it is really hard to find a diaper bag that will hold cloth diapers and anything else. Usually it’s one or the other you can have your cloth diapers but then the bag is bursting at the seams and you can’t bring anything else. That is why Mrs. Smith’s Diaper Bag’s are so magnificent. I have not seen another diaper bad like them. I am warning you though they are big. Much larger than most diaper bags I have seen. But as a mother of two my needs have increased. A small diaper bag just doesn’t cut it for me anymore.

And personally they never really did as I mentioned before the whole cloth diapering issue. Mrs. Smith’s Diaper Bags have some pretty unique features my favorite being the pull out drawer. I am amazed at how much I can fit in there. And you will be two. I can fit 3 fully packed one size fits all cloth diapers in the large compartment (it was hard to fit those in my old diaper bag at all). Two pairs of 3t undies and pants for Kaia and Two Pants-all outfits for Mikey in the other two compartments. I have it all separated and organized the way I like it. Then the top of the bag has so much room I am just so excited. I am not used to having this extra room usually I have a bursting bag that cannot hide its own contents. So now I can bring snacks for my kiddos, drinks extra. I do have to say this as well. The side cup/ bottle holders on this bag are fantastic. I always had issues with my other bag because the bottle holders were made for just that bottles which generally are skinnier then a lot of the sippy cups that Kaia possesses. I love using her Safe Sippy and if any of you have one you know what a pain they are to get into the side bottle/ cup holders in the diaper bag. It easily fits in this diaper bag. Which in itself I know it’s kind of silly but that sold the diaper bag for me. I wanted it right then.

The other huge thing for me was the changing pad. I have big kids even Mikey who is five months measures at the size of a twelve month old. So most changing pads that come with diaper bags are way too small they fit maybe my Childs head or just their bottom region. The problem with that is YEW! I don’t want any part of my kids touching that changing table. Not their clothes hair or anything. The changing pad that comes with the Mrs. Smiths bag is magnificent it is a full size changing pad bigger then Mikey but it folds up super tiny. I love it. I don’t understand why all diaper bags don’t come with a changing pad like this one. With all that said there are some negatives to this bag first the size. It may be daunting to some. For me it was a perk because I personally need a larger bag but for others with one child that is out of diapers etc. they might shy away from the size. My friend did bring up a great point though. She said afterwards it will be a fantastic traveling bag. Which is so true, this bag will have a super long life with our family. Okay second negative and this one is really isn’t that bad but the prints and colors. I love them but having a boy and a girl I would like to see some more gender neutral colors in the cute prints. I love the polka dot print but I wish it was made in light blue or even lime green (I have been on such a lime green kick lately). They do have a few gender neutral colors I got the copper color and I adore it. It is truly gorgeous. But I was looking at their fun prints and they were definitely geared towards the girly side. Other then that I have not found any negatives for this bag. It even changes from a shoulder bag into a backpack another of my favorite features.

Here is some info from the site

The benefits of the Mrs. Smith’s Diaper Bag are unmatched, like the unique pull-out drawer, which can be taken completely out of the bag. In the Mrs. Smith’s Diaper Bag, you can fit:
Two bottles and one sippy cup in their own insulated holders
Jars of baby food
Two pacifiers
Lots of snacks and toys
Four to five sets of clothing
Wipes in a their own wipes container
Six diapers
A washable, full-sized changingpad (is included!)
And dedicated places for your keys, cell phone, sunglasses, credit cards, cash, ID and water bottle
And you can access all of these items easily! The Mrs. Smith’s Diaper Bag converts to a backpack by using its own shoulder strap. It’s designed with style and flare, and keeps you organized. The Mrs. Smith’s Diaper Bag also comes in black for those who also love to be organized, but don’t do pink!

Buy It: You can go to the Mrs Smith site to find retailers who sell the Mrs Smiths Diaper Bag
Win It: You can win a Mrs Smiths Diaper Bag of of your choice just visit the Mrs. Smiths Site

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