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I love pencils and journals. There is just something so great about being able to just sit and write. Regardless of what you are writing you should like what you are writing with and what you are writing on. I especially like My O’BON products because they are so cute and so eco-friendly. We received the great My O’BON pencils, colored pencils and kiwi journal. We love using these pencils that are actually made with rolled up newspaper they write better and last longer than most other pencils. Kaia likes using the colored pencils because it does not take a lot of pressure to make a distinct mark. The journal is super cute and fits perfectly in my pruse. Kaia adores the textured cover which is made out of recycled cardboard the pages are made from sugar cane and the ink is soy based. These journals are about as eco-friendly as you can get. Kaia has been “writing” our shopping lists in the Kiwi journal so every shopping trip the journal comes along. She holds the journal up proudly as we walk through the farmers market, grocery store what have you and dictates what she has written. She has gotten so many compliments on her little journal it is incredible. I know that My O’BON products would be fantastic for back to school, for your office, or anywhere really.

In its infancy, O’BON was founded on the simple idea that basic products, such as pencils and notebooks, could be made much more responsibly, and contribute to making the world a better place.

At the time, our trademark product was a pencil made from used newspaper, and it accurately embodied what we hoped to achieve. By being made from newspaper instead of wood, the production of our newspaper pencils didn’t damage the environment. And, since newspaper was more durable than wood, the graphite inside was protected better and so lasted longer.

O’BON, which means “Oh Good” in French, today represents a better, smarter and more responsible choice. On a regular basis, we’ll hear “Oh good, you guys make recycled products” as environmentally-friendly becomes more and more popular with each passing day.

As our message and brand gradually grew, so too did our product line. We began to produce notebooks with paper made from sugarcane pulp, a great alternative resource to wood, and binders made from recycled card stock and cardboard.

As the early-00’s passed, we made a commitment to produce products that were not only eco-friendly, but also extremely attractive. Our belief continues to be that environmentally friendly products don’t have to come in boring designs or earthy green and brown tones. No, we believed in something different, and today, we boldly claim to have the best designs, colors and themes found in stores.

We also focused hard on the educational element of our products. By designing our products around animal designs and environmental facts, our goal is to nudge kids down the path of environmental responsibility and curiosity.

By 2008, O’BON was sold in over a dozen countries around the world, including China, Australia, The United States and Canada. We continue to add more nations to our list as the excitement over eco-friendly products increases.

This year, we started two new projects that we are extremely passionate about. The first, the O’BON School Program, gives us a close relationship with a growing number of schools and a platform to educate kids about the environment, recycling and deforestation. It’s also a great way for kids to use O’BON in fundraising for the clubs they love and to exchange outdated wood pencils for brand new, recycled ones.

The second, O’BON Causes, gives our customers a way to directly contribute making the world a better place through the use of O’BON products. Select an initiative that you are passionate about and we’ll match a potion of your purchase to support it. We currently have released our first cause to combat deforestation, we plant a tree with every purchase on our website.

Each pack of O’BONanza Series includes 9 2B pencils. The O’BONanza series features three different colorful fruit designs showcased on each pencil. The fruit designs, Orange, Kiwifruit, and Strawberry, each come adorned with the O’BON logo and a color-matching rounded top. The barrel is made from 100% recycled newspaper. The newspaper protects the graphite better than wood pencils too, which translates to a longer-lasting, high quality pencil. Do yourpart and say no to wood pencils and deforestation: get your O’BON today. The newspaper protects the graphite better than wood pencils too, which translates to a longer-lasting, high quality pencil. Do your part and say no to wood pencils and deforestation.
Made from Newspaper
Tightly Rolled
High Quality 2B Graphite
Preserves Forests
Superior Graphite Protection
Writes Beautifully

Each pack of O’BONanza Series Color Pencils includes 12 beautiful color pencils. The O’BONanza Series Color Pencils feature 12 different fruit designs, each representing a different color. Each pencil comes with its own distinctive fun, fruit design; perfect for kids and art enthusiasts. Fruits and colors contained in the set are – Apple (green), Raspberry (black), Strawberry (red), Watermelon (dark green), Banana (yellow), Orange (orange), Pineapple (light brown), Kiwifruit (dark brown), Grape (dark blue), Dragon Fruit (pink), Blueberry (light blue), and Mangosteen (purple).
Made from Newspaper
Tightly Rolled
High Quality Clay Colors
Preserves Forests
Superior Graphite Protection
Colors Beautifully

Each O’BONanza Series Spiral Journal features a colorful, eye-catching fruit design on the front and back cover, the designs come textured with a little “Something Different” from us, to you. Every journal comes with 80 pages of O’BON’s own environmentally-friendly bagasse paper. With the cover made from 100% recycled cardstock, this makes it the perfect eco-friendly journal for your daily needs. Try our new sugarcane journals for a fun, refreshing, twist to writing notes, logs, shopping lists, and more!
Sugarcane Paper
Soy-Based Inks
Card Stock Covers
Preserves Forests
Recycled Materials

Buy It: You can purchase My O’BON products on the My O’BON site.

Win It: One lucky reader will win a My O’BON Prize pack which includes the same products I reviewed the O’BONanza 2B Pencil Pack, O’BONanza Color Pencil Pack, and the O’BONanza A5 Journal Kiwi . To enter FIRST YOU MUST BE A FOLLOWER OF MY BLOG. Next visit the My O’BON site and tell me about another product you like.

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This was not a paid post my honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to The Hosting Company who supplied the products for the review and giveaway.
Good Luck!

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