NIfty Nappy Review and $35 GC Giveaway

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Do you cloth diaper ? If you don’t now is the time to start thinking about it. I have cloth diapered for over three years now and I love it. I have gone on weekend trips while cloth diapering, vacations and everything. Cloth diapering has never been easier. Plus the prints have never been cuter! Wouldn’t you rather have your little cutie in a soft cloth diaper then in a hard paper and plastic one with chemicals in it? With all the conflict about disposables in the news lately I know I am so glad we cloth diaper. The truth is cloth diapers are better for babies with very sensitive skin. And even if you don’t have a baby with sensitive skin once you feel how much softer a cloth diaper is you will know that is what you want covering your babies bottom. At least I did! Nifty Nappy makes beautiful cloth diapers I adore. NIfty Nappies fitted diapers are One Size fits all; I have to say they will fit a tiny baby to a large toddler they are great. They are so soft and very absorbent; you do have to use a cover with these diapers. The inserts are amazing and I love that everything is lined with super soft organic bamboo velour. Soft and sustainable can you get any better than that!

Here is some info from Nifty Nappy:

LIMITED: Nifty Nappy-Go Green!
This Nifty Nappy is just that, “Nifty”. It is a one size fits all for 7-35 lbs. This diaper is designed to be the only diaper you will need until you have potty-trained your young one! If your infant is too small it can be folded to fit smaller, and I will include those instructions with the diaper. Great for those with more than one in diapers. Only one type of diaper and it will fit all CD’d babies in your house. YEAH!!!

This diaper needs a cover. Paired with a wool cover they are practically bullet proof!

My Nappy is designed to fit below the belly so there are no gaps or that nasty diaper bulge that comes from other diapers. These are a rather thin fit diaper. Looks natural under clothes.

The Nifty Nappy has the snaps through all the layers of fabric so they won’t pull through. Plus the high quality resin snaps make diaper changing a SNAP -couldn’t resist! 🙂

For care of the Nifty Nappy just throw in the wash and then I suggest hanging out to dry since the sun is a great helper in removing stains and killing the smell. They WILL dry in one cycle though if you don’t have the time to run them out to the line.
*I will include care of the Nifty Nappy with each purchase!

You can visit my Fabric Selection page to see other fabrics.

Extra Nappy Insert
Need some extra absorbency for the night? Here is the solution…

A LAY IN INSERT for the Nifty Nappy:
-Organic Hemp Fleece
-Organic Bamboo Velor
fold in half lay in diaper

13 1/2″ X 9″ These are the perfect lay-in insert for my Nifty Nappy or for your diaper of choice. These also fit into pocket diapers.

The hemp fleece is a very absorbent fabric and soft to boot. The bamboo velor is a yummy fabric. It is so super soft. Together they make the perfect insert for your diaper.

Buy It: Visit the Nifty Nappy site to purchase your own Nifty Nappy products.

Win It: One lucky reader will win a $35 Gift Card from Nifty Nappy . To enter FIRST YOU MUST BE A FOLLOWER OF MY BLOG. Next visit the Nifty Nappy site and tell me which print you like best.

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This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to The Hosting Company who supplied the products for the review and giveaway.


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