Nomie Baby- Review and Giveaway

We love our nightly walks although it can get a bit chilly at night even in the summer. We have had issues in the past with blankets dragging on the ground or just completely falling off and getting lost. I got the chance to review the Nomie Baby stroller blanket and I am now a huge fan. First this blanket goes over and under your child so they are super comfy and cozy. It is not super bulky or to warm so it is great for both summer and winter. Once your child is strapped in and in there cozy Nomie Baby stroller blanket this blanket is staying put. You don’t have to worry about it dragging on the ground, getting lost or being tossed off by flailing kiddos. That was my other issue with other blankets even tie one’s; Mikey and Kaia would just toss the blanket aside so even if it was attached to the stroller with straps they would kick out their legs and would still get cold. (Even when its freezing out my Kids don’t want a blanket on.) The Nomie Baby is perfect because it’s like a little pouch they go in and there is no kicking their feet or anything else out. Kaia fits great in the Toddler Stroller Blanket and it comes in Purple, her favorite color. I have washed the stroller blanket several times since goldfish crackers and juice seem to drip from my children wherever they go. It has held up beautifully from all my washings and is just as good as the day we got it!

About Nomie Baby-

As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention,” certainly is true for this mom of 3! My baby had spilled formula while in her car seat, and when I looked at the care instructions, they read, “Do not machine wash.” While I was trying to spot clean, and wrestling with getting the cover back on, I thought, “there has to be an easier way. Why isn’t there a bib for the car seat?” After many searches, which came up empty, I decided idea was born.

After searching for the perfect fabric that is both comfy to sit on, and won’t leak through to the car seat, and again coming up with nothing, I realized why this product didn’t exist. I finally realized that there needed to be a creative solution, and while working with terrific people who know a great deal about fabrics, we developed the nomie baby TM fabrics, which consist of a silky soft layer next to the child’s skin, a comfortable padding to help absorb spills, and a wicking material treated to make it water proof.

My next challenge was naming the comfy, waterproof, removable, washable car seat cover. That was a mouthful. When my 12 year old daughter was little she couldn’t pronounce “cozy” and instead it came out “nomie, ” which stuck in our family for anything that was soft, comfy and cozy. That is how the name was born!

Our cozy stroller blanket has a soft fleece lining and a wind resistant outer layer to keep your infant toasty warm. The stroller blanket zips around an infant car seat, keeping your baby safe from harsh winds. When the stroller blanket needs cleaned, removing it is easy, and it is washing machine and dryer friendly.

Buy It: You can purchase Nomie Baby products on the Nomie Baby site. 10% of all profits go to help the tiniest babies in the NICU.
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