Noodle Forest

Mikey’s preschool had a bunch of pool noodles and did not know what to do with them so of course I immediately thought Pool Noodle Forest!

So I made the school their very own pool noodle forest. It was incredibly easy to do and the kids absolutely love it.

What you will need: Pool noodles lots of them in even numbers, rope (not string) scissors, a pen or Phillips screwdriver, and a weight I used a heavy plastic toy whale, and a tree or area to hang your noodles.

1. Poke a hole in your noodle straight through using the pen or screwdriver (I used a ball point pen and it worked great). I made mine about two to three inches down so it gave room for the kids to pull on it without ripping right through.
2. Take your rope and use the pen to push it through the hole you just made. Tie a knot at the top of the noodle.
3. Take your heavy object tie the other end of the rope around the object. Now throw your heavy object over a branch or whatever you are hanging your noodles on. (Make sure everyone is clear when your doing this)
4. The weight should make the rope fall easily down. now untie your heavy object and take the rope tie a knot twice. Make it as high as you can get it so when the kids run through and pull on the noodles they don’t pull it off the branch. Once that is done follow directions 1 and 2 on another noodle then cut your rope and start again. So each piece of rope has two noodles on it.

We played games
Can you get through the noodle forest without touching a single noodle. This is hard when its super windy.


  1. Wow! What a creative idea. I am wracking my brain trying to think of a tree we could do this with. We live in the desert and have an abundance of palm trees…not the best for this activity! But I love it!

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