O.O.T.W. out of this world Doll- Review

The  O.O.T.W. Girls are “Out of This World” trendy and cute.  Each girl has a dazzling personality as unique as the stars in the galaxy.  They have a passion for interstellar adventure and their vibrant imaginations take them everywhere under the sun.  The Girlaxy, a futuristic place filled with bright lights and fun, funky colors, is their playground.  An imaginative world where technology and astrology come together to make anything you dream of possible.


Meet the other O.O.T.W. Girls and their Adorable Pets

Vizi: I’m super curious. I can read faster than the speed of light and have an extra-ordinary amount of knowledge stored up in my head. Got a question you need answered? Just ask me. I don’t like to tell everyone, but sometimes I can even see the future. I might seem a bit shy, but that is just because I am always trying to unravel the next mega mystery in my mind

Techno: I was born with a dance party in my head. Sometimes I get so mesmerized by the music that I can actually see it! Planning parties to show off my fresh mixes is what I do best – in fact, I can spin better than anyone in the whole girlaxy. Everywhere I go, dizzying lights and an ultra-fun time are sure to follow.

Gigi: I’m the girl that everyone loves to be around. I’m exploding with pranks, games and surprises. Keep an eye on me though, I play the most brilliant practical jokes. My laugh is so contagious I can make almost anyone smile from a light-year away

Astra: I was born to be a star! I love singing, dancing and fashion- anything that keeps me shimmering in the spotlight. With the whole universe as my stage, you never know where I’ll let my inner star shine. My future is so bright; I just know I’ll dazzle my way to the top of the charts in no time!

Ditto: I may be younger than my twin, but that doesn’t make me any less extraordinary. Chasing shooting stars across the galaxy is my most favorite thing to do. The spiral on my headband band is all wound up, just like me

Loco: I am the oldest by a nano-second and don’t you forget it! I could spend all day whirling around the stars with my twin. The heart on my headband is there for a reason, I am the most loving pet anyone could have!

O.O.T.W. Girls represents a new world of imaginative fun that merges the collectibility of the vinyl-mation doll craze with the irresistible design and collectibility of small dolls. The O.O.T.W. line leverages low-tech electronic functions to deliver high-tech payoffs – thoughtfully designed to reflect each doll’s unique personality and resonate with today’s kids.  The ever-expanding line of collectible dolls and accessories is poised to be the must-have new collectible in small dolls!

Kaia and Mikey love there new Vizi doll she lights up when they press a button and she can perdict the future. She is super cute easy for the kids to play with and I love that there are no small pieces, clothes to take off and put on, or anything that needs to be plugged in. These toys are  just what kids and (parents) are looking for a fun and simple way to have fun!

Buy It: Visit your local Target, walmart, Toys R Us or visit online at Amazon.com to purchase O.O.T.W. Girls products. They will be available Late July so keep a look out!

This was not a paid post my honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to The Hosting Company who supplied the products for the review

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