Ocean Wave Discovery Bottle

Only use Gatorade or G2 bottles for the sensory bottles they are a heavier plastic so they hold up better and keep a unison look so everything looks good. They come in different sizes you can find smaller ones for small hands if you need to.

Make sure to ALWAYS seal your bottles securely! I cannot emphasize this enough. Unless you want your bottle opened and the contents poured out. SEAL IT… with glue. Duct tape can be peeled off by a determined kiddo. Glue is much harder for them to open up.

Ocean Wave
1/2 bottle of colored water (mix this part first), add mineral oil or vegetable oil until the bottle is full. Gently rock the bottle back and forth and watch the wave.

Just because it is a wave bottle does not mean it needs to be blue. This bottle is fun in every color of the rainbow.

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  1. Alisha Buchanan says:

    Love your discovery bottle ideas. I am a special education teacher and these are just amazing and can be used for so many sensory awareness needs of young students. Thank you so much for sharing your page.

  2. Hi I’m wanting to make bottles with the kids. we are learning about Noahs arc. the wave bottle…could I add beads, like a boat and animal beads, etc, rainbow beads or rainbow bands…glittler etc. would they float around oK?

    • you can but whether they will float or not is dependent upon their density. Test items out to see where they balance out


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