ONE Bath and Body Works Bath Fizzer Review

If you are looking for an amazing Stocking Stuffer that is sure to be a hit for Mama’s and Teens check out ONE Bath and Body Works, Their simple and unassuming ONE Bath Fizzer has become a total favorite of mine. Wrapped in a small package this little ball packs quite the fizz and makes my bath extra relaxing. With these cold winter days sometimes I need a warm soak to help me recharge. The ONE Bath Fizzer would make an incredible stocking stuffer or just a fantastic little gift for yourself to help you relax and have a little Spa time at home.

With ONE, green living goes beyond the ingredient list and extends to the packaging. ONE’s Bath Fizzer is an eco-friendly bath enhancer in a recyclable package. Infused with essential oils instead of harmful artificial chemicals, the Bath Fizzer offers a calming and fragrant spa experience in your own bath. Place Bath Fizzers in warm running water for a refreshing, natural soak that melts away the day’s stress. Spa luxury doesn’t sacrifice conscientious living with ONE Bath Fizzers.

Available Scents: I Need This! (an irresistible experience), Honey Please (for a sweet soak), Love is in the Bath (a gentle escape), Blue Earth (cool and fresh )

ABOUT ONE:ONE is committed to promoting natural beauty without compromising the beauty of the earth, providing eco-friendly products in recyclable, plastic-free packaging to rejuvenate the spirit and save the planet. While some green brands stop at natural formulations, ONE takes eco-conscious to the next level, uniting superior natural ingredients and recyclable packaging to offer genuinely earth-friendly products. ONE exclusively packages its unprecedented collection in recyclable cardboard cartons and metal tins, housing nourishing, natural products in equally planet-friendly containers.

Buy It: You can purchase ONE Bath Fizzer ($5.99); Target stores nationwide,,

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