Oneida: Bring Life to the Table Review

I have been looking for the right Dinnerware for a long time. I really wasn’t sure exactly what I was looking for until now. I new I wanted dishwasher safe, microwave safe, modern looking, sturdy Dinnerware. But where to find it? I was not so sure. I went to a department store bought some plates that looked good and said they were all of those things but with just one minute in the microwave they came out scalding like molten lava. So these plates while they looked good did not last a Month. Next I went to another store purchased another set of plates that also claimed to be all the above we put them in the Microwave they were fine, dishwasher fine until you took them out and then they were so fragile half of the dishes broke within a few weeks. I had almost decided to commit to paper plates when I thought of Oneida . I remember going to my Grandparents house over the Holidays when I was little. I remember they always had Oneida dinnerware. I actually remember the name and someone in the family making a big deal about the dinnerware. They were beautiful and I remember everyone sitting around the table and how pretty it looked. So I decided I would try Oneida dinnerware. I went on the site and was immediately amazed at the unbelievable Sales and great prices. I found the gorgeous Blue set below and fell in love. When I received the set it did not disappoint. Quite the contrary it was above and beyond my expectations. The Oneida plates are heavier and sturdier then any plate I have purchased before. They are absolutely gorgeous. I have used them in the microwave after minutes the plate is still cool. In the dishwasher they are fine. I have even dropped a plate without any breakage. This Dinnerware set is hands down the absolute best set I have ever owned. I would and have recommended Oneida to my friends and we have received so many compliments on the set we received. I will definitely be purchasing more products from Oneida .

From whimsy to fanciful, Oneida has something for everyone’s dinner table. Oneida recently launched its Chef’s Table line of porcelain white dinnerware, which is available in 3 shapes; hard square, soft square and round. There’s also plenty of entertaining accessories in the line, like serving platters and dipping dishes to accentuate your favorite family dishes.

New York event stylist and owner of SC3 Group, Angela Giannopoulos, has used Oneida to decorate her tables for A-list clients. She has several tips for easy at-home entertaining and we’ve provided a brief except below:
• Versatility is key. Make considerations when stocking your kitchen cabinets— consider cookware and serving dishes that can be used both for smaller and larger occasions, as well as casual and formal ones.
• Accessorize your home. I often hang on to things that I shouldn’t, but have learned that any little knick knack can come into play when decorating for events. I’ve made candle holders out of mason jars, a menu with a chalkboard and centerpieces using old pitchers.
• Use nature to your advantage. When decorating, use sprigs and blooms grown near your home to add life to your table settings. Various shades of colors found in wildflowers often create an organic energy making a table setting more inviting for guests. Also, arranging flowers in different sized vases can be visually appealing on a long table while single, tall flowers work well with a table for two.
• My last bit of advice is to choose dinnerware that is versatile. Consider something that is durable enough for daily use and chic enough for evening occasions, such as Oneida’s Chef’s Table Collection. This mix and match collection was designed with a modern look to complement any table setting.

How the Flatware feels…

The finish, weight, and design of each piece have a direct impact on how flatware feels in your hand. When you pick up the handle, it should feel balanced, smooth and comfortable. The dinner fork is the most used piece so let it be your guide when selecting a pattern. Choose from 4 different stainless finishes, each designed to complement a wide varity of tableware.

Availability and Longevity

When selecting flatware, keep in mind how long you want to own it. Some patterns are truly timeless and will be available for a lifetime. Like those in Patterns Forever. As part of this program, these premium Oneida patterns are guaranteed forever– and you’ll enjoy added benefits such as a greater piece assortment, open stock, and the flexibility to custom design the service you want. Trend-driven designs, commonly sold in sets, are more casual and reflect the latest styles in everyday silverware. Regardless of your design choice, it’s reassuring to know that all Oneida stainless comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Buy It: You can purchase Oneida products on Oneida site. Check out their sales they have some unbelieveable ones going on right now. I am going to be picking up a few things from their Thanksgiving Prep collection. Awesome Prices!

This was not a paid post my honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to The Hosting Company who supplied the products for the review

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