Bratzillaz Secret Word

The Secret word is- MAGIC

Following Via Google Friend Connect

Following Via Google Friend Connect is very simple go to the left side of the blog under where it says ” Follow Me”

you will see a button that says “Join this Site” click on it.

You can follow through your google email address, twitter account or yahoo address. Just enter the address and make sure that you click ” Publicly Follow” it would be wise to also adjust your account once you make it so that your email address is visible. The address will only be shown when someone clicks on your profile. This way I can contact you when you win, otherwise you need to type your email address into each comment. Please note that you will not receive any emails from me unless you win. To sign up for email updates on my latest Giveaways you need to Subscribe to my EMAIL NEWSLETTER (something completely different). Being a follower via Google Friend Connect only allows me to keep track of who visits my blog.

Thanks and please let me know if you have any other questions or if you need any more help.

How to get the URL of your Facebook comment

* Sign into your Facebook account using your user name and password.

* Post your new Status.

* Locate the status update post you want the URL of

* Click on the time stamp link of the status update- {example: 2 Minutes ago} ***Its tiny and below your actual post***

* This will open up that individual status update.

* Copy that URL from the Address Bar at the top of the screen.

* Come back here and paste the URL in a comment