Five Senses Curriculum: Touch

Activity 1: Sensory Walk
blindfold or not its kind of more fun with a blindfold but its not necessary
1. have the child take off their shoes
2. have different texture swatches cut out in from of them
3. bubble wrap, sand paper, a tub of water, a tub of cooked spaghetti, tile, a tub of river pebbles etc

Activity 2: Make a Hidden Object Box

Activity 3: Make Texture Cards

Activity 4: Make Sensory Bagshow to’s on over 40+ Sensory Bags
Sensory Bags
Activity 5: Make Playdough 35+ different recipes for Playdough
Activity 6: Create some Foot Print Painting

or go all out and do Full Body Painting

Activity 7: Finger Painting
Materials: liquid starch, powdered tempera paint, paper, and smocks
1. Children wear aprons
2. 3 inch spot of starch on the table sprinkle some tempra paint on it
3. you can do this more than once with different colors
4. have the child mix the color in to the starch and paint on their paper

Five Senses Curriculum: Smell

Activity 1: Where Am I?
1. This is a guessing game where the teacher or the child gives clues about the area they are thinking about.
2. Example: 1. I can smell hay
2. I can smell horses
3. I can smell cows
4. I can smell chickens
Where am I? A Farm!

Activity 2: A Smell Walk
Depending on your location this could work
1. Take class for a walk around the playground
2. Visit different areas is there a garden how does it smell here?
3. Has it just rained?, is there grass?

Activity 3: Make your Own potpourri

Activity 4: Smell Jars

Activity 5: Pomanders
I used to make these as a child
materials: oranges 1 for each child, whole cloves
1. push the whole cloves into the unpeeled orange
2. notice how the two smells combined that of the orange and that of the clove become a third different smell when combined

Activity 6: Make a Favorite Smell Chart

What is your favorite smell?
Kaia: Flowers
Mikey: Chocolate Chip Cookies
Liam: pancakes and syrup

Activity 7: Paint with smells

Five Senses Curriculum: Taste

Activity 1: Snow cones:

  1. Bring in a ice shaver machine where children turn the dial to shave the ice. Have ice premade
  2. have children turn the lever at the top I usually have them work in groups of two one child turns the lever while another child holds the machine.
  3. Children pour a little juice on their cup of ice

Activity 2: Make Popcorn:

  1. use an air popper
  2. listen to the sound of the popping
  3. smell the scent of the popcorn cooking
  4. see the popcorn kernels come flying out
  5. feel the fluffy popcorn
  6. taste yummy popcorn

Activity 3: Taste Collage

Explain it is only okay this time to eat the paint and the art because you are using special paint and glue

  1. Jello (unmade just powder) 2 or more colors
  2. paper
  3. powder sugar and water- stir together to create a thin glue texture (this will be your glue)

1. Put dry jello in jars with shakers on top like a salt shaker container

2. Give each child an individual small bowl/cup of “glue” . They can use their fingers to spread it on their paper

3. Let the children shake the jello onto the “Glued” paper

Activity 4: Make your Own Trail Mix
baggies, bowls, spoons, items like raisins, plain granola, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, cheerios, etc
1. The child is allowed to take one spoonful from each bowl of their choosing and place it into their labeled baggy
2. close the baggy shake it all up and then enjoy

Activity 5: Taste Test
Chart,Sour- lemon, salty-pretzel, Bitter- dark chocolate, sweet-strawberry
1. Have children try a food from each category
2. chart their preferences did they like each item. graph the likes and dislikes for each item

Five Senses Curriculum: Sight

Activity 1: What Do I see?

Purpose to aid in sight skills and language development.

  1. This game is played by asking a child to describe the characteristics of an object in the room.  Such as I spy with my little eye….

2.  the other children can guess  the name of the object

ex. What has two hands, black numbers, and is big and round. Answer: Clock

Activity 2: Whats Missing

  1. Put 5 objects on a tray
  2. . tell the children to look at the objects and name them
  3.  remove the tray and take off one object from the tray while the children close their eyes.
  4.  put the tray in front of the children and see if they can guess which object is missing
  5. When this gets to easy for the children increase the number of objects on the tray.
  6. IMG_20160712_141115495

Activity 3:  Can you Follow Me?

    1. Start by making a motion like clapping hands.
    2. have children imitate action
    3. change action to something else like stomping feet
    4. have children imitate this action
    5. continue changing actions every minute without using words. You change the children should catch on and imitate each action with you without words
    6. Children are relying on their observation to change each action in accordance with the teachers actions.
    7. Let the children start leading in the actions and you and the other children follow.

Activity 4: Make Sensory Bottles
Discovery Bottle


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