Painting on Aluminum Foil

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Materials Needed :
Tempera paint (you can add some dish soap to help it adhere and to make it shine glue also works but I like dish soap better)
Aluminum Foil (I rarely throw out aluminum foil as long as it is pretty clean just wipe it down and use it for art)

We love aluminum foil I know its kind of a weird statement. But it is shiney, versatile and makes for an interesting texture. We use it for a few art projects but my favorite by far is using it as an object to paint. While we laid it flat this time it is easy to get it to adhere to blocks or plastic containers to create a 3D base to paint

My intention this time was to have the kids finger paint but they decided they wanted to use brushes instead so here they are with brushes =)

Kaia enjoyed mixing two colors at a time to create the perfect shades of purple, orange, green, and of course in the end preschool brown.

While Mikey liked making rainbows by pushing his brush into the paint one color over the other to create a layered effect

The way the paint flows on the aluminum foil is pretty spectacular since our aluminum foil was used it was crinkley and so the paint would go over the areas and the experience was a bit bumpy.

If you use new aluminum foil the whole experience will be a bit different having a very smooth base that the paint will easily glide onto.

The aversion to finger painting lasted only so long. As Mikey almost always goes to coating himself with paint at the end of any painting session

Creating Pools of color

She started creating small rainbows you can see one here

Kaia likes giving an ongoing dialogue of her painting tachniques as she goes so you know exactly how to replicate her creations.


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