Patch Products New Tales to Play Game- Review and Giveaway

We love family game night at our house. We are always looking for new fun games for the whole family to play. Well Patch products has created a fantastic new line of Tales To Play games that are just fantastic. We received the Mother Goose game which was an instant hit. Kaia and Mikey love Mother Goose rhymes. We read some almost every night and Kaia can recite most. Well she was so thrilled to get to see some of her favorite rhymes come to life with the cute little game pieces. What I really like about this game is that it is easy for Kaia to follow and play. She loves the feeling of accomplishment and the game itself is really fun to play.

Nothing took you to a more magical place as a child than your favorite books. Classic tales such as Mother Goose, The Little Engine That Could™, The Berenstain Bears™ and Where the Wild Things Are™ not only sparked imagination, but also helped shape children’s lives. Now you can bring those favorite classic tales to life with Patch Products’ new Tales to Play™ Line.

If you love the book, now you can live the game with colorful game boards, including 3D accessories and pawns featuring children’s favorite characters. Each game is an adventure, much like the ones children read about in books, and each time you play you’ll experience the magic and whimsy of a great story being told. The games even come in fun packaging that looks like a big book! Simply open the cover to get a sneak peek at what’s inside.

The Mother Goose Game brings everyone’s favorite nursery rhymes to life with beautifully sculpted pawns, a unique Mother Goose spinner and a fun egg-collecting race! Children will love the exciting play and the warm connection with their favorite rhymes. For ages 3 and up.

In The Berenstain Bears™ Learn to Share™ Game, Mama, Papa, Brother and Sister Bear are brought to life as kids race around the board. Drop the die down the tree house slide to roll, move your bear or draw a card that will tell you about a nice behavior or one that could cause some trouble. Kids love the fun role play and trying to be the first to reach Mama and Papa Bear! For ages 4 and up.

The Little Engine That Could™ Game, licensed through Universal Partnerships & Licensing, brings the inspirational story to life with brightly-colored train engines and a large hill for the trains to climb. Each player draws cards and moves their trains toward the hill, climbs up it while chanting, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can” and zooms down the hill with a loud, “I thought I could!” For ages 4 and up.

For older children, try the Where the Wild Things Are™ Game! Kids get to imagine they are Max, travelling to the forest and becoming king of the wild things as they roll their dice and draw cards that help or hinder their journey. Once they reach the top of the hill and get their ring, they race to be the first Max home to win! For ages 6 and up.

Just like the beloved stories, these games will excite your kids and remain in their memories for years to come. Children will love to live in a fantasy world filled with their favorite characters and parents will jump at the chance to relive those nostalgic moments that bring back those treasured childhood memories.
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