Peaceable Kingdom: Stone  Soup Game- Review and Giveaway

Our family loves game night. It is a time that we can all come together talk have fun and of course play fun games. The games we like best are the educational games that you learn while playing (even if you don’t realize it at the time). We were recently introduced to Peaceable Kingdom and quickly became interested in their fun looking games. Stone Soup immediately stuck out to me since it is one of our favorite books with a great message. So we deceided that was definitely the game to try first. I am so glad we did because this is a terrific game that we just love. Why is this game so terrific? Well, first unlike most memory matching games Stone Soup encourages kids (and Adults=)) to help each other find the matches. This way, kids work together, they help each other, and they practice just what the Stone Soup story is all about – cooperation! We love this because even though we really do enjoy competitive games for the kids a cooperative game eliminates stress, builds self-esteem, and teaches kids that playing together can be fun!
Kaia and Mikey love Peaceable Kingdom’s Stone Soup game because it is one that we can play all as a family and they can play together as a team on their own with out our interference. The game itself is beautiful and colorful which immediately attracted both my kiddos. The game board and pieces are made of a thick cardboard that is pretty durable it has held up well against my kiddos and their rigorous play. This is definitely a great game that I would recommend to everyone. Just a hint to this would be a fantastic game for any Preschool Teachers who have a wish list for classroom games. This one is definitely a Winner!

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  1. I like their cute locking diaries.

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