Pepto is Firing up the Grill for Summer BBQs

To help kick-start grillin’ season and prepare for the mother of all summer celebrations – the Fourth of July – Pepto Bismol is turning up the heat with an exciting new Facebook photo contest. Fans of Pepto’s Facebook page can share a photo to enter to get a visit from the Grill Fairy and win a brand new grill!**

Pepto loves a good barbecue bash – and we’re getting ready to celebrate at this year’s Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest by calling for pictures of the most deserving burned-out barbecues, fatigued flambé-ers, crumbling cookers and grisly grills out there! The grosser, the better. The Pepto Grill Fairy will pick the most gruesome grill and award them with a brand new grill!


Fans of the Pepto Bismol Facebook page can enter to win. See the video and the rules on the “Pepto Grill Fairy” tab

Winners are announced every week until end the end of July. Fans can just enter once and they’re in it for the duration of the contest.

So guys do you think you have a worse grill then mine?

Yes this darling grill belongs to me.

What is that goop by the handle you ask? Well that is where the handle actually melted to the grill. Real safe…
Is that bird poop on the inside of the grill. Nope, that is where the inside top of the grill actually started peeling!

Click on the photo to see where it actually is crackling and peeling!

Yes, that is our grill I don’t think we will be having friends over for a BBQ on this grill. Whenever everyone comes over I guess it is a conversation piece as in everyone converses over why we still have this BBQ!


  1. That’s a pretty terrible grill! LOL! My husband (I call him’Jerk Face’ on my blog) needs to see it, and stop whining about ours! 😉 Hahaha!

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