Prince Lionheart Balance Bike Review

Is your child ready to ride a bike? We have been working with Kaia to help her get her balance so that she can ride a bike. Our greatest tool in doing so, has been a Balance Bike. We received a Chopper Balance Bike for Kaia to start practicing her balance so that she can get the fundamentals of riding a bike. I will be honest at first she kept asking where the pedals were. We explained to her about how this bike was to help her learn to ride a big girl bike and she quickly got on board. What surprised me was how much Mikey liked this bike. He is little but fierce and this bike was calling to him. He loves it and wants to be on it all the time. Kaia has learned to share with him she usually needs to have her practice time first before she gives him a turn. What I like about this bike is its versatility. I can easily adjust the seat so the bike will grow with my children and Mikey can keep using his favorite bike as he grows. It has nice rubber wheels (not plastic) and the wood construction is beautiful. It has such a nice look to it. I have noticed Kaia’s Balance steadily improve as she has used the Chopper Balance Bike. Using the bike requires her to hold the handles while moving her legs and feet to keep propelling forwards or backwards. It takes coordination on her part and Ithink in no time she will be riding a big girl bike.

Prince Lionheart’s chop balance BIKE™ will teach your child how to balance – a crucial skill necessary before transitioning to a two-wheeled pedal bicycle. Your child’s sense of independence and self-confidence will become apparent as they learn to balance and steer at their own pace: first walking, then gliding!

• Solid rubber handgrips.
• Height adjustable, padded seat
14.8in – 17in.
• 14in and 12in rubber tires.
• 100% birch frame from an FSC certified forest.
• 2-5 years.

Buy It: You can purchase the Chopper Balance Bike on the Prince Lionheart site site.

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