Pure Pearls Akoyo Pearl Bracelet Review

I have a thing for Pearls. Especially Black Akoyo Pearls. They are just stunning. Pure Pearls is known for carrying the most sought after Akoyo Pearls in the world. Each pearl is perfectly round and has the most intense luster and clean surface quality. These pearls are the ultimate luxury gifts but at prices at up to 85% below retail because they are purchased directly from the pearl farms. So for the same price or less than a pearl bracelet at a retailer you can purchase an unbelievably gorgeous, necklace, bracelet, and earrings set if you purchase through Pure Pearls. I received the beautiful bracelet you see above. Every pearl is so gorgeous. The quality is amazing I am so pleased.

Gorgeous, midnight-blue colors and sparkling luster are center stage with our black Akoya pearl bracelet! Each strand is hand-selected for it’s mirror-like luster, clean surfaces and perfectly round shapes.
Our treated black 7.0-7.5mm pearl bracelets measure a standard 7.5-inches, but we can customize to fit any wrist. Each pearl bracelet is individually hand-knotted on matching blue silk, and is finished with a 14K gold clasp of your choice.

Buy It: You can purchase Akoyo Pearls or any number of other gorgeous pearls from the Pure Pearls site.

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