Rainbow Cupcakes

For Mikey’s First Bday we made Rainbow cream filled cupcakes

I used gel food coloring to dye the batter

Isn’t it beautiful

I also made them cream filled

A look at the inside the batter is so thick that the colors actually don’t run together or mix which is pretty awesome!

They turned out really yummy

When Mikey turned two we had a Buggy Birthday Party
Yummy cookies and cream cupcakes with gummy worms
and Dirt Cups too, of course
Mikey’s Birthday is coming up again what should I do this Year?


  1. Oh wow they look amazing. The colours are so vibrant, what food dye did you use?

  2. Those are great pics. I call those kind memory pictures that some day you can blackmail them by showing their boyfriends or girlfriends. ~snicker-snicker~ I’m a bad mommy! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

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