Rainbow Pasta Discovery Bottle

Only use Gatorade or G2 bottles for the sensory bottles they are a heavier plastic so they hold up better and keep a unison look so everything looks good. They come in different sizes you can find smaller ones for small hands if you need to.

Make sure to ALWAYS seal your bottles securely! I cannot emphasize this enough. Unless you want your bottle opened and the contents poured out. SEAL IT… with glue. Duct tape can be peeled off by a determined kiddo. Glue is much harder for them to open up.

Rainbow Dry Pasta Bottle
Fill bottle with colored pasta (Use this recipe to make colored pasta) layer the colors in any way you want. I just did traditional rainbow layering above. making an ombre colored bottle could be really cool though. I left some room at the top so the children could shake it up and move the colors all around. I also use different types of noodles.

For a list of ALL my amazing DISCOVERY BOTTLE IDEAS click the link or the image below


  1. I LOVE your ideas and plan to get started today! I have about 10 bottles I’ve made before, and was looking for more ideas today. So glad I found this site! Hope you don’t mind me adding some tips of my own here. I came up with a rainbow bottle idea of my own. I used colored pompoms from the craft store, stuffing them in gently but just firmly enough to prevent them from moving around when the bottle is played with by active toddlers. I also buried a few round jingle bells in some layers, down the center so they didn’t disrupt the rainbow effect, for auditory effect.


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