Raisels Fruity Flavored Raisin Review

I would like to introduce you to my childrens new favorite treat… Raisels. Raisels are falvored Raisins that are soft sweet and a bit sour. Raisels are a healthier alternative to candy, cookies and gummy fruit treats. Think of them as a simply delicious and nutritious, anytime-anywhere snack. Raisels have 100% of the US Recommended Daily Allowance for Vitamin C, which is pretty much all you need for the whole day. All that Vitamin C makes Raisels rich in Antioxidants, too, which is good for your body. Plus, Raisels are Fat Free and Cholesterol Free! And they don’t have Artificial Sweeteners or Sodium, either. You’re probably asking yourself, “How do they do it?” Well their #1 ingredient is dried fruit. DRIED FRUIT! So I started thinking of how Raisels compare to some of my other favorite dried fruits like Dried Cranberries. Can you believe that Sweetened dried cranberries have 5 times more added sugar than Raisels! Five times! That’s pretty incredible!

Both Kaia and Mikey and all their friends have become huge fans of Raisels. I love that they think they are eating candy when in reality they are eating Raisins that give them their daily needed Vitamin C. Raisels are also softer than regular raisins which have made them easier to eat for Mikey.

Buy It: You can find places to purchase Raisels on the Raisels site.
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