Rileyroos Shoes Review and Discount Code

I am always on the lookout for super cute baby shoes. Well in all shoes really but baby shoes for some reason seem to be the cutest. .Especially when they are soft leather baby shoes. Rileyroos are exceptional little shoes, combining style and comfort, to set tiny feet off on their next adventure. The uppers are crafted of soft leather or suede with topstitching. Designed to imitate barefoot walking, these shoes have a flexible leather or suede sole with rubber padding to protect little feet. The sole curls above little toes to provide leverage as little ones make their natural gravitation from sitting to crawling to walking. Rileyroos are handcrafted from high quality, durable leather. Mikey loves wearing these gorgeous shoes. It’s hard to find really cute boy shoes, believe me I have been looking. At Rileyroos you can find adorable shoes for boys and girls. I adore the color combinations.

We dreamt up the idea for Rileyroos after being frustrated with the lack of stylish and developmentally friendly shoe choices when we had our first child. We created Rileyroos
with a focus on style, comfort and ease, which we think is most important for little growing feet.

Rileyroos design inspiration comes from a combination of European fashion trends and American spirit and casualness. We designed the line to imitate barefoot walking and to protect little feet. The sole of a Rileyroos shoe is flexible and its rubber-padded sole curls above the toes to provide leverage as a child begins crawling. Unlike many heavy or bulky first walking shoes, Rileyroos’ lightweight construction and protective bottoms support a child’s foot as he or she starts walking and provides traction to prevent falls on slippery surfaces.

Buy It: You can purchase Zylie the Bear on the Zylie the Bear site. Hurry they are on SALE right now! How would you like a 20% discount on these super adorable and very comfortable shoes? Here you go, The code is FLReview and it expires on 1/21/11

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