Rockin Baby Sling Review and Giveaway

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I love babywearing at this point you are all aware. So when I find baby wearing gear that is gorgeous I get so excited. I love it when my babywearing paraphernalia goes beyond the generic neutral colors. Aren’t you ever in the mood to just wear something fun. Well Rockin Baby Slings carry such slings. They also have the neutral baby slings and pouches you wear with anything but they also have the amazing slings that you see and say “I want that!” In addition to making ring slings they also make pouches. And not just any pouches but gorgeous pouches. I just adore Rockin Baby Slings color combinations. I tried out one of the Rockin Baby Slings and they are very comfortable. And Mikey gave this one his two slobbery thumbs up. He loves riding along in his sling. And there is nothing more I love then that gorgeous little baby face looking up at me so content.

Here is some info from the Rockin Baby Site
Rockin’ Baby Slings are reversible, they can be adjusted for multiple wearers, and worn on either shoulder.
fashionable – Available in an amazing array of colors and patterns that you won’t see everywhere else, because we design most of our own prints.
comfortable- The fabric caps over the shoulder for nice, even distribution of weight – and you can wear our slings on either shoulder.
quality – Rockin’ Baby Slings are made with natural, breathable fabrics, are pre-washed, sewn with extra strong thread (40 lb), seamed and overlocked to avoid fraying and independently tested for strength.
lifestyle – With baby in the sling you can do all of the millions of things you need to while still nurturing your newborn to 40lb toddler. It is also small enough to fit in your diaper bag, so you can take it anywhere easily.

Rockin’ Baby Pouches are reversible, they can be adjusted for multiple wearers via zippers, and worn on either shoulder.
fit – Because of our easy zipper system, you can adjust our pouch to fit multiple wearers and your growing baby in 5 different carrying positions.
comfort – The pouch has fabric that can cap the shoulder to evenly and comfortably distribute the weight of your child and padding on the inner rail of the pouch for baby’s comfort.
easy – Our pouch is simple to use, you just pop it over you head, and go — no confusing straps or buckles. It is also small enough to fit in your diaper bag.
stylish – All of our pouches are reversible, with a pattern on on side and usually a solid color on the other — and all in fabrics you won’t see everywhere else because we design the majority of our own prints.
quality – Rockin’ Baby Pouches are made with natural, breathable fabrics, are pre-washed, sewn with extra strong thread (40 lb), seamed and overlocked to avoid fraying and independently tested for strength.

Benefits of Baby Wearing
Babywearing has been around as long as humans have been making babies because it works!
Here are just a few reasons to start wearing your baby:

Happy Babies
Babywearing reduces crying and fussiness up to 43% during the day and 51% at night according to a report in Pediatrics Journal.
Better Understanding
Babywearing helps you and your baby communicate better. You become more sensitive to baby’s needs and cues, which means that your baby will cry less because his or her needs are being met before crying is necessary.
Wearing your baby is convenient – you don’t have to worry about narrow aisles, stairs or crowds, and it isn’t heavy or awkward like car seat carriers. Slinging also lulls baby to sleep.
Smart Babies
Babies who are worn are more frequently in the quiet-alert state, which is optimal for learning. They are also immersed in your world, seeing and hearing all that you do and interact with, at voice and eye level so they can learn the subtleties of language and expression.
Hands Free
Babywearing liberates your arms so that you can get things done, like work or care for older siblings, while bonding with and soothing your baby.
Babies Cry Less
Babies who are carried cry less, smile more, spit up less, have less colic and bond better. That means you will also be happier!
Easier Discipline
Wearing your baby creates a deeper connection between parent and child. Research shows that well-connected children are more secure, settled, considerate, sociable, cooperative, adaptable, affectionate and willing to share.
Healthy Babies
Babies who are worn thrive. Because of the effects of motion and close contact babies who are worn spend less time crying, and more time growing and thriving.
Great for Breastfeeding
It is a private and nurturing environment for nursing, and you are immediately able to respond to baby’s hunger cues wherever you are, so baby doesn’t get stressed or upset.
Click here for sources

Buy It: You can buy your own Rockin Baby Sling just visit the Rockin Baby Sling site and through the month of November Rockin Baby Slings are offering 40% off — just enter “Novsale” at checkout.
Win It: As a lucky reader of my blog you have the chance to win your very own Rockin Baby Sling just visit the Rockin Baby site and tell me which Rockin Baby Sling you would like to try!
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