Sensory Table- PomPom Bakery

We made Banana muffind this morning and the kids wanted to keep baking but I was a bit done. So we had a PomPom Bakery complete with cupcake tins, little bread tins, small cups

The bakers stayed hard at work for over an hour! They would have stayed longer but nap time beckoned

Sorting and getting ready to bake

Moving the muffin tins to the “oven”

Oven above

Using oven mitts for the hot goodies

Ready to eat


  1. They look like they are having so much fun! Yesterday, I had bowls, cups, pompoms, and toddler tweezers out for my preschool class. The kids loved it.

  2. Stopping by via Kids Co-Op. This is so cute! Looks like fun 🙂

  3. What a great idea! I think I saw some pom-poms at the dollar store, I might have to pick some up! Thank you so much for the inspiration. 🙂

    I’d love it if you link up at my Teaching Time for Toddlers post. (Feel free to link up as many posts of anything of yours that is relevant that you’d like!)

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