Sensory Table- Pond and Funnel Tray

We made a pond water table and I hung the trays you get at the Nursery when you buy a flat of plants for sifting and funnels
The kids loved the funnel tray

Almost everything in this table is from the Dollar Store. I bought the frogs, river rocks, tongs, scoops, measuring cups and funnels at the Dollar Store. The lily pads are from Big Lots.

We had lily pads, frogs, and turtles

The kids picked up frogs and put them on the lily pads until the lily pads started to sink
It was a lot of fun


  1. A.Smith says:

    This is such a neat idea! Where did you get the blue “pond” table? Is that an actual pond insert from the garden store? I simply must replicate this immediately, lol

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